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Premature ejaculation

22Men without physical and anatomic impairment face the serious process that may lead to impotence. Men living irregular sexual life, particularly young men face the issue of premature ejaculation. This factor that will worry women may lead to early divorce in the family. Having premature ejaculation from early ages causes different problems in newly married couples and during the first wedding night. In order to prevent possible unwanted problems both for the men and families, there is a need to fight with premature ejaculation in advance.

Premature ejaculation is the most common among the genital system disorders. If we take into account that most men face this issue, we can imagine how unsuccessful sexual life they may have. In order to find a solution to this problem, one needs to be under full surveillance of a specialized urologist-andrologist. By eliminating the problem, it is possible to sustain strong ties between man and woman. Most men, particularly those having affairs, face the issue of premature ejaculation. Some men have premature ejaculation in the beginning of the sexual life and after some time learn how to control the ejaculation and make it longer, but they do not realize that immediate premature ejaculation is a complex process. Some meet the problem right from the beginning.


33Premature ejaculation is early ejaculation without making a healthy woman to reach an orgasm. However, the most important issue is not the duration before ejaculation, but whether or not it is controlled. 25% of men face it. In man, orgasm shall be reached in 2-3 minutes after the penetration into the vaginal area. On the contrary, normal physiological orgasm in woman takes 12-14 minutes to reach after the penetration.

In most cases, woman does not reach orgasm solely by penetration of the penis into the vagina; there is a need for foreplay for passion. Approximately, in 10% of women there is no orgasm despite of sexual intercourse and passion. They are recommended to seek for psychological and medical therapy.


There are many factors contributing to premature ejaculation. Persons without sexual life for a long time are eager to have fast sexual intercourse under tension. In general, the condition before the intercourse is an influencing factor. Sex under uncomfortable conditions and fast sex also may cause premature ejaculation. Among other causes, we may show psychological factors such feeling guilty, fear of a disease, anxiety of pregnancy, sexual ignorance, and hunger for sex.

Ejaculation outside of the vagina for preventing pregnancy causes premature ejaculation. In most cases, male genital diseases such as prostate inflammation (prostatitis) also considered as important causes. Short time masturbation also may cause premature ejaculation in the future. Frequent and excessive masturbators also face the issue of premature ejaculation.


44Premature ejaculation treatment is more efficient when both partners participate in the treatment. The problem can be solved by medicines. One needs to relieve and normalize sexual excitement to control the ejaculation. Cream and sprays, local analgesics (to reduce sensitivity) delay ejaculation by reducing the penile sensitivity, however they also reduce the pleasure.

Moreover, these analgesics also reduces sensitivity of the vaginal tissues through absorption from the vaginal walls, delays woman’s orgasm and makes it as a habit. For this reason, in medical practice it is recommended to be cautious in using such creams and sprays. There are some pills preventing premature ejaculation. Examination and surveillance of an urologist is necessary. As use of condoms may reduce sensitivity and feeling threshold of the penis, it is an auxiliary remedy for preventing pregnancy.

During the sexual intercourse, partners have to look for other remedies and be attentive without going out of the balance. Deep breathing for cooling down also might be helpful. It is important to be mentally stable before and during the sexual intercourse.

Besides all these, there are some methods to be used with help of the partner:

Squeezing technique: Before the ejaculation penis head is squeezed unless losing some of hardness

Start-stop technique: This technique involves stimulating the penis three times in sequence until ejaculation and stopping the sexual signal right before the ejaculation. Ejaculation is allowed at the 4th stage. This is done several times a week unless the man can control his ejaculatiuon.

Sexual intercourse position: At later stages, control becomes easier when woman is on top and man has less movements. Classic position when man is on top is not a favorable position for delaying the ejaculation.

Psychological treatment: Used when premature ejaculation is related to the mental-psychological state. In this case, it is important to be relaxed and patient and supported by the partner.