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Prosthesis of genital organs

ambicor_penil_protezIf erectile dysfunction (impotence) is not treatable by other ways, last resort is penile prosthesis. Penile prosthesis are silicone pieces inserted in the male genital organ. They are inserted through an incision on the penis on both sides. Prosthesis is not visible from the outside.

What are the advantages of penile prosthesis?

  • Totally eliminates erectile dysfunction (hardening) problem
  • Can be applied at any age, if required
  • It is possible to install in any patient if his systemic condition allows for sexual intercourse
  • Invisible from the outside
  • Lifetime used
  • Patient can reach an orgasm (ejaculate)

Indications for use?

Penile prosthesis is installed in men having erectile dysfunction (poor hardening of penis) if other treatment methods were unsuccessful. Patients with penile prosthesis will not have any issues with erection (hardening) in their sexual lives and keep the same performance in their lives with aging.

Ejaculation of sperm:

Normal ejaculation occurs during a sexual intercourse and men can easily ejaculate. Patients naturally enjoy the process and sperm ejaculation continues as the same way before. If they wish, they may have a child.

How women perceive penile prosthesis?

As penile prosthesis is inserted inside the penis during a surgical operation, it is invisible from the outside, and woman does not feel it. A man can use it for sexual intercourse without any preliminary preparation and difficulty.

After implanting penile prosthesis, patients feel themselves as at the age of 20, and do not have any concerns whether or not penis will harden during a sexual intercourse. In this case, they will feel full comfortable of having a sexual intercourse anytime and anywhere…

What are types of penile implants?

There are two types of prosthesis:

  1. Malleable prosthesis
  2. Inflatable prosthesis

Inflatable prosthesis are available in two- and three-piece types.

Inflatable prosthesis harden within few seconds after touching it, when penis is down and soft. 

Malleable prosthesis:

Rods are installed inside the penis. That is why penis can be bent up and down. Very simple to use.


Three-piece inflatable (pumped) prosthesis:


As the name implies the prosthesis consists of three parts. A reservoir with water, a pump (button) actuating the inflation and tubes inserted into the penis. Prosthesis do not affect the penis size.

Nowadays, penile prosthesis is very common in the world and successfully applied. Satisfaction of 95% of women made scope of the operation even wider. Penile prosthesis holds the first place among the andrology operations in the USA.

How penile prosthesis operation is implemented?

  • Prosthesis is inserted into the penis in single operation
  • It can be used 4-6 weeks after the operation
  • Operation duration varies depending on the type of the prosthesis and usually is 40-120 minutes
  • Prosthesis is not silicone-made and do not cause an allergic reaction
  • Penile prosthesis is available in dimensions fitting with any penis length of patients

Penile prosthesis is a last, but a correct remedy. There is no need for additional post-prosthesis treatment and it is reliably used lifetime. Manufacturers provide lifetime warranty.

Conclusion: You should seek advice from an experienced urologist-andrologist if you have erectile dysfunction (impotence). In fact, one should know that this issue is quite common and no need to be ashamed of it. There are possible solutions for each type of erectile dysfunction (impotence) and they are implemented.

A citation from Prof. Dr. Atesh Kadioglu, employee of the Istanbul University and Head of the Turkish Association of Urology:

A patient says…

"I have enjoyed my health again after 5 years"

I was 58. Last five years I had issue with hardening. Urologists told that this is the result of my 10-year-old diabetes mellitus. Two years ago, I unsuccessfully tried Viagra. Urologists offered other treatment solutions. At last, I had decided to choose penile prosthesis. After the operation, I did not face hardening challenge. My orgasm remained unchanged and continued as before. After five years, I have enjoyed my health again. My wife and I are very happy.