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Removal of kidney stone by Flexible Laser

flexiblStones in the bottom of a kidney, where stone breaking (ESWL), Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) or Ureterolithotripsy is not performed, sometimes cause pains in patients and they have to live with these stones.

With the development modern medical technology, such small problems disturbing patients can be eliminated forever. Nowadays, kidney stone diseases are treated with more modern and simple ways.

In Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) operation, stones in the kidney of patients are removed by breaking using a small diameter instrument. Patient spends two days in the hospital and then discharged. The main specific feature of the PCNL operation is possibility to remove even big stones using special instruments without an open operation and damaging normal tissue structure of the body.

Moreover, sometimes stones trapped in the ureters after falling from kidneys cause severe pains and difficulty urinating in patients. In this case, after inefficient treatment, Ureterolithotripsy (URS) is performed in the way of surgical intervention. After entering the ureter, stones are broken and imbibed, and a stent is installed for restoring the initial structure of the ureter. Unlike PCNL operation, stones in URS operation are removed not from kidneys, but from the ureter without any incision.

Flexible laser instrument, as being one of the latest medical achievements, allows removing kidney stones by laser without incision. Any kind of stones inside the kidneys are removed by full breaking down and accessed using natural orifices (ureter). Thanks to its flexible turning head, it is possible to remove any kind of stones in any part of the kidney.

Operations using worldwide famous ureteroscope of the Wolf company are now conducted in Baku by Op. Dr. Seymur Mehdiyev.

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