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Treatment of prostate adenoma by Plasma Kinetic

Nowadays, all the men over 50 without complaints need to pass urological examination once a year!!!

1Patients with prostate adenoma (increase in volume) apply to us with complaints like night urination, thin and intermittent urination, difficulty in urination, forking of urine to the sides, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder after urination, frequent urination, incontinence (before reaching the bathroom or in drops). Usually they do not have night urinations, it occurs when prostate increases.

Medical and surgical treatment options are available for prostate adenoma. Weight of the prostate and condition of urination are important indicators here. The best thing to do in the life of a man over 50 is to see a doctor and timely reveal the possible problems and get relevant consultation and treatment. There is an individual approach to a patient with prostate adenoma: by taking into account age, overall condition of the patient and other values, medicinal or surgical method is selected.

TUR-adenomy-prostatyToday one of the golden standard surgical treatment option is TURP (Transurethral Resection of Prostate). It is a resection of the increased parts of the prostate without any incision by endoscopic entrance through urethra. TURP is recommended for the prostates with weight up to 80 grams. Recent developments in the medical technologies offers us solutions above the technologies that are considered the best of today. One of them is Plasma Kinetik device.

20151128_133248-1Plasma Kinect is the latest surgical method to be used in any prostate operations regardless of weight. It is the most reliable prostate operation method with the shortest operation time and least bleeding risk. "Plasma" method is the treatment option of the 21st century.